Anime Series Like The Hero is Powerful But Overly Cautious

The Goddess of Listarte is the savoir of the world of Gairbrunde. In order to aid in her endeavors, she summons a hero. Seiya Ryuuguuin is indeed a powerful hero, but he is also overly cautious. His desire to stay on the safe side is a source of frustration for all.

The only thing some isekai can do is have one particular quirk. This is one of those. For more like it, well, we are awash in more like it.

For Fans of Overpowered Protagonists

The Devil is a Part-Timer

Right on the verge of taking over the world, evil Demon Lord Satan was foiled by the hero Emilia and was forced to retreat through a dimensional portal. He ends up in this world where he is without powers and without money. In order to pay his way, he gets a part-timer job slinging fast food.

Although the Devil is a Part Timer is a comedy anime, it features the same sort of trope. The main character has incredible power, but never gets to use it due to various reasons.

One Punch Man

In order to pursue his childhood dream, the ordinary and unimpressive Saitama trained so hard that his hair fell out. However, his hard work paid off, now it only takes one punch to defeat most villains in the city. Unfortunately, beating opponents in one punch is boring. However, that all changes when a cyborg named Genos, wanting to be his disciple, suggests that they join the Hero Association together.

Although Saitama’s apathy and Ryuuguuin’s cautiousness are big flaws, both shows allow them to be incredibly powerful when needed. However, Cautious Hero doesn’t quite reach the same peak of flashy epic fights that One Punch Man has.

Gabriel DropOut

After graduating high school in Heaven, angels are sent down to Earth to guide humans down a righteous path. Heaven had high hopes for Gabriel, the top of her class. However, when she descended, she ended up skipping classes and getting addicted to online games.

Both sows feature main characters that are supposed to be incredibly powerful, but they end up rarely ever showing it because of their flaws.

For Fans of Inept Heroes


On his way back from buying a new game, Kazuma Satou died a pathetic death. However, he awakens before the Goddess Aqua who gives him two choices: go to heaven or reincarnate into an actual fantasy world. Naturally, the gamer picks the fantasy world. Now Kazuma must deal with defeating an evil demon king, useless party members, and paying living expenses.

Both series are isekai shows where the hero is not what you would expect. In Cautious Hero, the goddess is the serious one while the hero is for comedy. It is the opposite in Konosuba. The goddess is unexpectedly inept, while the “hero” is…too.

The Familiar of Zero

Louise is a self-absorbed mage at the prestigious Tristain Academy. Unfortunately, she can’t cast magic right and her classmates call her Louise the Zero. One day during a summoning ritual, Louise messes it up again and summons a boy named Saito. At first she treats him as a slave until she discovers a powerful brand on him, the sign of a legendary familiar known as Gandalfr.

The Familiar of Zero actually has a lot in common with Cautious Hero. Both series are isekai, but told from different perspectives. In each, a hero is summoned by someone, but not what they expected. While they seem weak because of their flaws, they are actually quite powerful.


It has been a thousand years since the demon lord was sealed away by the legendary hero Creasion. However, when the demons return, it is decided that the demon lord would soon return as well. Now it is up to the great hero’s descendants – all 75 of them – to seal him away again. Unfortunately, most of their skills are not what you would call top-notch.

While Cautious Hero does in fact feature a pretty powerful hero, his flaws get in the way. Senyuu is much the same. The heroes are flawed and constantly impeded by other eccentrics. They make pretty poor heroes overall. However, as Senyuu is a comedy series, you won’t get much serious plot.

For Fans of Isekai Parodies

Hataage! Kemono Michi

Shibata Genzo is both a professional wrestler and an animal lover. One day, he is summoned to another world by a princess. She makes the mistake of asking him to rid her kingdom of these evil beasts. Instead of doing that, Genzo suplexes her and heads off to start a monster pet shop.

For the generic isekai, you expect the hero to help the goddess or the princess that begs them to. You don’t expect them to suplex them or impede them with their desire to be super prepared. Both are comedy isekai series to the max.

Ixion Saga DT

Kon is transferred from our world to the world of Mira. After saving a princess, he soon finds himself embroiled in the problems of this world that all involve this mysterious energy known as Alma.

Ixion is not so much an isekai parody, but rather a series of tropes being inverted as the unexpected happens. Cautious Hero is much the same, but it done in a slightly more comedic way.

Do you have more anime recommendations like Cautious Hero? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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