• Top 20 Anime Characters With Melancholic Blue Hair
    May 16, 2018

    Blue hair in anime isn’t always a style choice. Unlike other, more normal hair colors, blue hair is often highly symbolic because it is not in the norm. Unlike a fiery redhead or the “foreign” blonde hair, blue hair usually comes with a more melancholic tone. Anime characters that sport blue hair aren’t always tragic characters, but more so they are the quiet, soft-spoken characters of a series. While often these characters with blue hair are introverted, sometimes it can be to signify their status as an intellectual character as well, occasionally it means they are both smart and quiet.

    So what are the anime characters that best personify the meaning of blue hair?

    Nagisa from Assassination Classroom

    Nagisa may ostensibly be the main character of Assassination Classroom, but like his blue hair suggests, he doesn’t have the same endless cheerfulness and energy of your usual main characters. In fact, there is a darkness in Nagisa fostered by his abusive mother that helps make him an excellent potential assassin. You will also note that while being one of the quieter ones, he is calm and very analytical, his more brutish classmates taking advantage of that by using him as a pawn or using his critical thinking skills to formulate a plan.

    Bulma from Dragonball Z

    While “quiet” wouldn’t exactly be the way to describe Bulma, she is, to her credit, very smart. Running the capsule corporation and creating those inventions doesn’t just come by luck, but rather her mind that she inherited from her father. Blue hair doesn’t always mean quiet, but when the characters are loud, they are often smart like Bulma.

    Aladdin from Magi

    Aladdin is cheerful and not what you would call soft-spoken. Furthermore, because he was locked away for so long, he looks at the world with the true ignorant eyes of a child. However, his intelligence of worldly things belittles his wisdom. Throughout the series, you watch Aladdin give wisdom and insight that should be well beyond his years.

    Rem from Re:Zero

    Rem and her red-headed twin Ram heavily mirror the story of the Red Oni and the Blue Oni. Ram, the red oni, is more assertive, while Rem, the blue oni, though impulsive, is more calm and submissive. While both twins are quiet, Rem and her overwhelming guilt towards her sister often make her the timid and easily walked on one.

    Shin-Ah from Yona of the Dawn

    Shin-Ah is the current possessor of the blue dragon deity, so it is pretty expected for his hair to be blue, but he comes with the personality to match it. After being shunned and kept in isolation, his social skills are very limited making so that even when around his friends, Yona’s group, he doesn’t use many words, if any, in replying.

    Noriko from Kiznaiver

    Kiznaiver is a show about emotion and pain. As such, the hair colors in the show are highly reflective of that. Noriko is the person that brings the Kiznaiver’s together. Throughout the show she displays very little emotion and only speaks when there is something to convey. Of course, her emotionless nature didn’t occur on its own.

    Jellal from Fairy Tail

    Jellal’s life was always one of a constantly changing personality. Sometimes the shift was cause in a change in ideals, other times it was caused by death, revival, and amnesia. However, when that fluctuation finally evened out, what we are left with is a calm, mature, and intelligent blue haired character.

    Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Rei is kind of like the quintessential blue-haired character. She is not only fairly wise, but she is very, very soft-spoken. Everything about her invites an air of distinct sadness, and throughout Evangelion, you discover as to why. She is perfectly juxtaposed against the other, more emotional characters in the series.

    Kuroko from Kuroko’s Basketball

    Despite being the main character of Kuroko’s Basketball, Kuroko is actually more of a deadpan character that conveys his thoughts in a straightforward, calm way. It makes him excellent at moving about the court unnoticed and supporting his team. However, there are times when he does break away from the blue-haired predisposition toward quiet and calm, such as when his teammates are injured via dirty play.

    Mio from Nichijou

    Although energetic and downright bubbly, as one would expect from the comedy series that is Nichijou, Mio’s blue hair is justified by her being the smart character of the bunch. While she does very well academically, but just because she is smart does not mean she has a love of academic pursuits. In fact, she much rather prefers drawing manga.

    Shin from Nana

    Shin is an example of the typical romantic fate of waiting for blue-haired characters. Because they are so often soft-spoken, this means it can be hard for them to convey their feeling. Such is the case with Shin, he is shy and while friendly and someone boisterous as a rockstar, his romantic fate doesn’t end up well for him. Blue-haired characters are often second choices.

    Mero from Sankarea

    Despite being one of the younger characters in Sankarea, Mero displays a certain amount of maturity as well as a muted personality. She is quiet, and often observes before speaking. While she has some cheekiness to her, she is as calm and intelligent as her hair color suggests.

    Hayate from Hayate the Combat Butler

    Hayate has your typical main character traits. He is cheerful, despite his melancholic past, and also possesses the superior strength, speed, and skills of your typical main character that is good at most everything they do. While this may put his blue hair out of place, he is surprisingly intelligent in worldly matters because of his past. He knows many things, and because of that, he makes an excellent butler.

    Sayaka from Madoka Magica

    Sayaka’s blue hair is rather a strange fit at first glance. She is tomboyish and outgoing, but not particularly good at academics. However, it is shown that she has a softer side for her friends, particularly Kyousuke. Unfortunately, that soft side makes her blue hair rather fitting in a way, Sayaka’s story is a sad and tragic one.

    Hinata from Angel Beats

    Hinata’s role in Angel Beats is often one of comedy, but it remains that he is also one of the more level-headed characters. He makes a rather perfect sidekick sort of character, but it is discovered that, just like everyone else, his back story is one of pain. Furthermore, it is shown that throughout the series, he is observative, and sensitive towards the other members of his group.

    Sinon from Sword Art Online

    While she may be a standard brown-haired school girl outside of the game world, Shino, or her in-game name Sinon, is much better reflected through her in-game avatar. In battle, Sinon is able to keep a cool head even in stressful circumstances, although there is a violent temper deep beneath that comes out when pushed too far.

    Tatsumi from Shiki

    After watching enough Shiki, you soon see that Tatsumi’s blue hair is probably a front for the audience. When first introduced, he seems like a quiet and absent-minded man, but it is later shown that he is actually a minor antagonist of the series. As a special vampire that can walk in the light and eat human food, his job is often to look out for his Shiki brethren, which requires him to be calm and go unnoticed.

    Kurumu from Rosario + Vampire

    Kurumu is a succubus with a twist – she’s actually rather innocent on the inside. While her outward personality ranges from cold to extremely flirty, she is rather new to this thing called love. It is likely that her blue hair was a decision based on them wanting to reflect that innocence that she hides within.

    Ikki from Amnesia

    When Ikki was little, he made a wish upon a star to be popular with girls. However, when his popularity increased, it began to distance him from his real friends. From there on in, he was overtaken by a distinct loneliness. While not always withdrawn, Ikki and his blue hair show a distinct pensive nature.

    Nymph from Heaven’s Lost Property

    Although, for the most part, acting like your typical manic tsundere girl, Nymph shows a distinct softer side that develops as the series goes on. Originally she was sent to get Ikaros, but slowly changed sides and even fell in love with Tomoki. While she is as smart as any beta, her blue hair reflects the vulnerability within.

    Did we miss your favorite blue haired anime character? Let us know in the comments section below.

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